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The marriage service is a service of worship.  It is also a special time for the bride and groom.  Keeping this in mind, we want to make the event as meaningful as possible for you.  Along with the various requirements, you will find that there is considerable flexibility in planning the service.  Please feel free to discuss options you would like included in your special service to make it uniquely yours!


To begin the process of scheduling your marriage service at Emmanuel United, please prepare a Marriage Request Form. This form, and an information pamphlet summarizing the information on this page, are available from the Church office.  


Guidelines for Weddings


THE OFFICIANT: The minister of Emmanuel United Church will conduct all weddings, unless the sanctuary is rented for a marriage ceremony by another faith community.  Such a wedding will be conducted by a Minister who is registered with the Province of Ontario (and is approved to preside at such occasions) and will need the approval of the Worship Committee.


If you would like another minister to assist, this must be discussed with our minister, who shall issue the invitation.  Family and friends are encouraged to be involved through readings and special music.


MARRIAGE PREPARATION:  Marriage preparation is a good investment in your relationship. We recommend couples participate in such courses as those offered through http://www.marriageprep.comhttp://www.relationshipcentral.ca/the-marriage-preparation-course/. Courses are not mandatory and any costs are in addition to the fees cited on this page.


REHEARSAL:  For all weddings it is necessary to have a rehearsal.  The time for this happens typically on the Friday evening before the wedding day. The entire wedding party and parents should plan to be at the rehearsal.  Please urge all persons to be on time.




a) A church wedding is a service of worship and all that is done or said, played or sung should be an offering of praise to God, reflecting Christian faith. Please make music arrangements by meeting with our Church Organist, about four weeks before your wedding date. Call the Office Administrator at 905-792-3269, to book an appointment to discuss your music requirements with our Organist.  If you want music played other than what our Organist suggests, please provide copies of the selected sheet music four weeks prior to the wedding service or at the time of meeting.


b) Soloist/Group Singers are available: New Directions is a contemporary female folk group that sings regularly at Emmanuel. Their fee is $50.00.


FLOWERS: If you wish to use flowers in the Sanctuary, they may be placed on the flower stands provided on either side of the Chancel.  Please have your Florist contact our Office Administrator, regarding delivery of your flowers. You are also responsible to remove flowers immediately following your service.  Please let us know if the flowers are being left in the sanctuary for our Sunday Service.


CHURCH DECORATIONS:  Pew markers may be used provided no nails or tacks are involved in placing them.  Two floor candle stands holding 7 regular sized tapers are available to be used.  Couples must provide their own candles.


PHOTOGRAPHYNo flash pictures may be taken during the ceremony.  Flash photographs are permitted during the processional, recessional and signing of the register only. 


VIDEO/DIGITAL RECORDINGS are not permitted in the sanctuary (downstairs worship space) and are subject to the following conditions:  the equipment must be set up 30 minutes in advance of the service, in a stationary position on the balcony.  No floodlights are to be used during the service.


CONFETTI & RICE:  The use of confetti and rice is NOT permitted on Church Property.


WEDDING BULLETINS:  This is optional. We do prepare and provide black & white bulletins (free of charge), however you may wish to put together your own bulletins for your guests as a memento of your service.  Colour wedding bulletins covers can be purchased from stationary stores or online.


SMOKING REGULATIONS:  For health and fire reasons and in keeping with Church Policy, smoking is not permitted in the Church building.


Legal Matters

  • A Marriage License should be obtained no more that 90 days before the wedding day.
  • You should have your Birth Certificate and, where applicable, Proof of Divorce.
  • Marriage Licenses are issued at most municipal offices in the province.  In Brampton licenses are issued at the City Clerk’s Office, 1st Floor at City Hall, Wellington St. W.  For further information contact 905-874-2100.
  • Marriage License and all fees must be paid to the church at least two weeks prior to your wedding service.
  • Witnesses must be of legal age(19).



  • Sanctuary - $250.00  
    (This fee MUST accompany your competed Marriage Request Form before a booking is confirmed)


  • Minister -  $300.00

- meets with couple 2-3 times to plan service,

  and provide counsel


  • Wedding Assistant - $100.00

- assists at the rehearsal and wedding


  • Organist - $175.00 

- attends rehearsal, plays at wedding

50.00* for soloist/group see options below)


  • Sound Technician - $50.00*


* Organist, Sound Technician, and soloists are optional.


LATE FEES WILL BE CHARGED for every 15 minutes your party is late for either the wedding rehearsal or wedding ceremony!  These will be confirmed at the time of booking.


(The sanctuary fee may be made by cheque payable to Emmanuel UC.  Payment of other fees should be in cash and placed in separate envelopes with the name or title of the recipient on them


All payments, along with the marriage license are to be given to the Office Administrator, at least two weeks prior to the service)


In the event of cancellation, full deposit is refundable up to 90 days prior to the wedding.  Cancellations after 90 days may cause a portion of the deposit to be forfeited.


Contacts for your wedding at EUC


Interim Ministers: 

Our Interim Ministers: Rev. Marjorie Knill and Rev. Dr. Keith Knill           


Wedding Assistant: 

Tina Robinson                                          



Colin Persad   



Office Administrator:

Donna Ducolon                                    905-792-3269