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Syrian Relief/Sponsorship



In 2015, a group of young, enthusiastic, spirited couples in Brampton were deeply concerned about the refugee crisis in the Middle East, and decided that they needed to commit to more than a token response. They (Brampton Helping Hands, or BHH) decided to sponsor a refugee family with preferably 2 or 3 children. They approached Emmanuel United to co-sponsor this family through the United Church of Canada Refugee Program. We met and a commitment was made to proceed. Through the United Church, a list of several refugee families was presented to us, and we have selected a family to sponsor through the refugee process; including helping to arrange for transportation to Canada (through the United Church), welcome and help settle our family here in Brampton.  For the latest status on this effort, see the updates listed below.


Both Susan Winter and Keith Knill are on the BHH committee if you would like more information about this sponsorship program.  Many thanks to Diane Aikman, Jim Carruthers, Jen Millington and Vilia Fera, plus the church council for their support and efforts.


Update November 2017:

Our family arrives in Brampton on November 29 and we're happy to welcome Arias (father), Nora (mother), Katrina ( 4 years old) and Maria ( 1 year old).

Thank you for your donation that will go towards their first year of settlement costs.

The link below can be used to make donations to this important mission outreach.  Emmanuel United will deposit all money received and issue income tax receipts, as well as participate in the life and future of our new refugee family.


Donate to Syrian Relief


September 2016 Update